A special moment in time


It's been a difficult few weeks. We haven't found time to spend together just to enjoy being a family. Of course weekdays are too busy. Evenings, after Tom gets home from work, we eat together and then Tom has some time with our little one before she goes to bed. Then he usually sits at his computer completing admin for his job as a music teacher, before working on his own music compositions. I sit at the table and reply to emails, then either edit photos or work on my illustrations.

Weekends are the time we usually do fun stuff together, getting outdoors to the woods or beach if the weather is good enough, visiting the aquarium or a gallery if there's an interesting exhibition on. It varies, but we'll almost always fit in having lunch at a nice caf√©.

Since Christmas, however, our weekends have been busy. We've been together but not free to just relax, or the weather's been so bad - thank you storm Doris - that we've stayed indoors. This has meant catching up with chores rather than concentrating on family time.

Then there were the weekends going to look for a caravan, which we found quicker than we expected. Our excitement at having found our new home from home has been eclipsed by the fact that the area we intend to keep it in isn't ready. There's some rather substantial landscaping to be done and we haven't managed much - thank you storm Doris.

Anyway, I'm sure you get the picture, and I'm sure you have similar issues with spending meaningful time together as a family.

We've all just got over a rather bad winter virus too and I, for one, have been feeling at a really low ebb. Taking care of a poorly baby when you're poorly yourself is really exhausting.

So, yesterday morning we decided the weather forecast was too awful to do any work on the caravan parking area - even though the caravan dealership have been making noises about us leaving it with them much longer.

I was so relieved we had an excuse to do something else.

We've just bought season passes for the Eden Project and we decided to go there, even if it meant dodging heavy showers as we negotiated the outside areas between the biomes.We needn't have worried. The showers were few and we saw lots of sunshine and blue skies.

Walking around the rainforest biome, surrounded by lush greenery and exotic birds, watching Little Bear run here and there relishing the freedom and new experience, seeing other families with similarly excited children, smiling at complete strangers and exchanging looks that acknowledge just how special the day was, sharing a Baobab smoothie when we were all pink and perspiring from the unfamiliar heat and humidity...

I looked at Tom and little bear and felt a rush of love for them, a feeling of oneness and gratitude that we have each other. It was a very special moment, one that had been missing for a while as mundane, energy-sapping day-to-day stuff overtook us.

I don't know when we'll next get to have a special day out together, but I'm going to try and keep hold of how I felt yesterday and allow that love and energy space in my daily life. It might very well be the key to better wellbeing that can be so difficult to find.

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