Dear Mum...


Mother's Day is just over a week away and although I'm always telling you that I love you, I wanted to say a bit more about just how much you mean to me.

I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a mum like you. We really are the best of friends, aren't we? You understand me like no one else ever will.

When I'm with you I can relax completely, be myself and tell you absolutely anything. When I'm worried about something you'll make me feel better once I've shared it with you. When my relationships haven't worked out you've always been there to help put me back together again. You even smiled for me on my wedding day, when we both knew I was making a big mistake.

Now I'm a mum, I know how hard it must have been for you to do that. To stand there and watch me invite people into my life who weren't right for me and who would eventually hurt me.

The fact that I'm still able to love people and trust them with my heart, after being let down so many times, is testament to the unconditional love you have given me all my life. I know what real love is, and what it means to give and receive it, all because of you.

You've done your very best to teach and guide me, protect me from harm and be there whenever I've needed you. I'll never be as brave and confident as you are, but you encouraged a shy girl to go out into the world and survive some of the tough lessons of life by herself.

Without your encouragement and belief in me, I'd have never made the leap from such a humble background to a career in the civil service and then with a major banking group in London. I felt like I was winging it all the way and that someone would eventually work out I didn't belong in that world at all.

When I was struggling to get through my degree, as a mature student holding down a demanding day job, I kept thinking how proud you'd be of me if I could just get to the end of my studies and graduate.

It is your unfaltering belief in me that has allowed me to achieve so much.

Now, as I nurture my own daughter to the best of my abilities, it is your example as a mother that I aspire to.

I hope she will look back on her childhood with the fondness that I do my own. So many wonderful memories to hold on to, reminders of fun, laughter, love and belonging within something very special.

Your gift to me is now my gift to my own daughter, a priceless legacy of what it means to be a mother.

Thank you, Mum, with all my heart.

Happy Mother's Day xxx

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