Time to focus


It's happened again... I've had my precious spare time hijacked. I have been lured by the temptations of social media and I've allowed myself to be drawn in...

Even though I am only on Instagram, which I joined as a way of sharing my work, I have found myself checking my likes and comments more than is strictly necessary. I have found my new posts influenced by previous likes. Instead of sticking to what I intended to post, I've adopted a scattergun approach based on what I think people will like.

Of course, we all want to be liked and watching the follower numbers rise is very satisfying. It's a justification of the time you're giving to your little corner of the massive beast that is social media.

It's been fun, joining in with all the hashtag events and feeling like part of the crowd. But in following the crowd I've lost sight of what it was I hoped to achieve on social media in the first place. In following the crowd I've kind of lost sight of who I am, which is someone who is actually quite private and prefers a quiet, simple life, who is actually rather uncomfortable with all this exposure.

Such is the more insidious nature of social media and I've kind of got a bit bogged down with it all. I feel jaded already, after only five months of blogging and posting on Instagram.

I've got to the stage where I look at my feed and think - 'what does it say about Tidal Horizons?' It's gotten like a closet that you put all those things that you like and don't want to part with, but have a huge suspicion you will probably never use again.

Well, I'm staring long and hard into that closet right now and know I'm going to have to clear out all that stuff that I invested so much time in. Time I'll never get back. Time I should have spent with Little Bear, or even (I hate to admit this) cleaning out the oven (well it's sure not going to clean itself... unfortunately). Time I should have spent doing the illustrations that I love and that was to be the main content of my Instagram feed. Time I could have spent just taking a break from everything and having a cup of tea sitting down, reading a magazine, instead of slurping at cold tea while I run around keeping on top of all the jobs that seem to have gotten out of hand.

So, it's time to clean up my act, go back to square one and get things back on track.

It will mean I won't be able to post something every day. It will mean ignoring all those tempting hashtags that have derailed my feed and stolen my valuable time. It will mean I might become invisible - lost in the countless images that are posted all day, every day.

So be it... because it will also mean freedom from this overwhelming sense of obligation to something that actually delivers nothing of any true worth to my life whatsoever.

That's the truth of it, blunt as it might sound.

I'll keep on doing what I love to do and share what I'm comfortable with sharing - and what I share will be worth sticking around for, I can assure you.

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