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Today is the day that the Draw a Dot. Instagram Open Call results are announced, so I can finally share the image I submitted. If you'd like to see the full scan, it's on my Instagram.

The illustration had to be an interpretation of an outfit from the Miu Miu S/S 2017 collection. I took a look at the photos and instantly loved the vintage style. Even though I had no idea how I was going to approach this, I knew I had to try.

This was the first time I've put an illustration forward for something like this and I have to say I really enjoyed working to a brief. I spent time thinking about what mediums I would work in and bizarrely, I chose watercolour, which I am in no way comfortable with.

Thankfully the main washes of colour went down without mishap and I then decided to build up texture, details and shadows with colour pencil - something I am totally at home with. I am really pleased with my illustration, even though I have no idea how well my work was received. Markus Kan, who curates Draw a Dot., is releasing his nine favourite illustrations over the next few days.

It's quite interesting seeing the various styles and mediums used by the artists whose work is featured, and interpretations of the various fashion collections all show a well developed personal style. This something I'm still working at. I want my work to stand out, and I love trying out different mediums and seeing how that affects my style. I also take inspiration from other artists, both new and established.

I have no idea what my work will look like in, say, a year's time, but I do hope something is evolving from my growing portfolio that is uniquely my own style. I keep challenging myself, using mediums I'm not proficient with, trying styles that are perhaps a little unusual. I have to say, not everything is successful and that can be disappointing, but I have to try those things or I don't believe I'll create work that is unique and truly my own vision.

Whatever the holy grail is that takes an artist on a road to success, to being recognised amongst his or her peers, I'm enjoying the journey. It's wonderful testing myself in this way, trying to create something beautiful from such simple materials. Art is something I've loved creating since I was a child and it is so fulfilling I know it will always be part of my life, part of who I am. A standout style may forever elude me, but what fun I'll have every time there is a blank piece of paper in front of me.

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