Something old, something new...


This week I actually gave myself a break, and it was so nice not to feel the extra pressure I generally put myself under. I was kind of forced into it really as my health has been a bit of an issue lately, and I know that if my health lets me down then things really will go belly up.

It's funny how a health scare will sort your priorities out, especially if you've got a very young child to care for. Little Bear has needed me more than ever lately as she gets over the terrible upset which happened at preschool (see my previous post). Thankfully, this week she has seemed much more like my happy, confident little girl again, which is a huge relief.

All the rest of the niggling, time-hungry, brain-draining stuff that usually bombards my mind, I completely let go of... I had an excuse to kiss it all goodbye. That included the 'what shall I draw?' and 'what images should I post on Instagram?'. I didn't stress about finding time to draw. I was just mum and homemaker this week and I never knew complete domesticity could be so fulfilling.

I stumbled into the delightful state of mindfulness I've struggled to find in the past. The repetitive act of folding freshly laundered clothes suddenly became like a soothing physical mantra, instead of an annoying chore. Cooking the same core recipes, as I try and feed everyone on a tight budget, which usually seems boring and dull, made me feel proud that I can turn the most humble ingredients into a healthy meal that everyone will eat.

For once, I've brought home the simplicity of our holiday and kept it with me - something I always find impossible to do (despite vowing after every one of our trips that I will).

This laissez-faire attitude and newly discovered calm has led to a wonderful revival of interest in the styles and subjects that originally inspired my art and photography. This week, when I found time to get my art stuff out, I've drawn just what I want to, with no self-imposed agendas of what I think people want to see. It's been the same for my photography. Oh my goodness, it feels so good!

Yesterday, on our walk, I took some of the best images I think I've captured in a long, long time and - an added bonus - they've been hugely popular on Instagram. Today, I decided to paint a floral wreath with no forethought or meticulous pencil outline. I used student grade materials and just got on with it.The work in progress is the header image for this post. I really enjoyed myself because, for once, I did it for the sheer enjoyment of it.

So, in a strange, round-about and very protracted way, my old style has become my new style. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

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