Hello again

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Welcome back to my new look blog, and a first look at one of my new paintings.

I decided to take a break from making art after totally losing my mojo. I had a lot going on at home that needed my attention - mostly good stuff like Little Bear's 4th birthday and my parent's landmark wedding anniversary celebrations to organise. They fell within a few days of each other so that was one very busy week!

If I'm honest, those distractions were a great excuse to give my artwork a rest. I'd been struggling with my motivation for a while and, after flailing around trying different styles in the hope of stumbling upon a solution, I was glad to be able to leave it all alone for a while.

I knew that, given enough of a breathing space, I'd miss it and crave the feeling of making something again.

As with most vacations, I enjoyed having time out from my usual routine and spending more time with my family. We've joined the RHS and visited some stunning gardens full of colourful spring flowers. I love being outdoors - by the sea, in woodlands and in gardens surrounded by the beauty of nature - and even though I take lots and lots of photos I suddenly had a strong desire to try and interpret what I saw through the medium of paint.

My hope is that I can capture not just what I can see with my eyes, but the uplifting sense of peace and renewal that being in my favourite places gives me.

The painting above is of some very old rambling roses in an overgrown part of my mum's garden. I loved having the freedom to interpret the scene in my own way and choose a palette of my favourite colours - something I wasn't able to do with the fashion illustrations I'd been working on before.

Yes, mojo is very much back... hello again.

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